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  • Latest Blog Post

    WordPress Business Workflow: Feb 2014 meetup

    Our February 2014 meetup topic was WordPress Business Workflow. Four people gave short presentations, then we had an open discussion.

    If I missed anything, please leave a comment, and I’ll add to the post.

    WPGR WordPress Business Workflow

    Work standards

    Ryan Hinkle

    • Work standards are important (version control, backups, SSH, etc.)
      • Taking shortcuts can hurt you
      • Work standards can save you
      • They make it easier to bring people on to your team
    • Tools: Git, Vagrant, Bitbucket

    How I started my WordPress business

    Kurt Hanson

    • How Kurt got into WordPress development.
    • Found his first (low-paying) jobs on Elance, and some jobs led to good clients. Lately it’s been too difficult to compete with low-bidders (especially in low-wage countries). He thinks oDesk is even more low-wage. oDesk takes 9.5%.
    • Before you start, be prepared to go hungry for 1-2 years. If possible, set funds aside before starting.
    • Work with others with complementary skills. He’s been making local connections at The Factory.
    • Bills hourly with 50% deposits (of estimated total).
    • Tools: Photoshop, email, Google Calendar, Firefox, Dropbox, Camtasia, Vegas, QuickBooks.

    Contracts and business hours

    Chad Warner


    • Scope of Work
      • What’s included
      • What’s excluded
    • Schedule and Completion Date
      • Targets
    • Client Responsibilities
      • What they must provide you
      • What they must do
    • Cost Estimates
      • Estimates, not fixed costs
    • Payment Terms
      • How much?
      • When?
      • Method?
      • Penalties?
    • Domain Registration, Hosting, Maintenance, SEO
      • Specify who controls these
    • Technical Support
      • What will you offer?
    • Legalese
      • Indemnification
      • Limitation of Liabilities
      • Copyrights and Trademarks
      • Attorney Fees

    Business hours

    • Protect your time; no one else will
    • Set an autoreply with your work hours and emergency contact info

    Discipline and time-tracking

    Luke Rumley

    • Be disciplined. Track time. That helps inform future estimates.
    • Don’t allow scope creep. Something has to give: time, money, or scope.

    Group Discussion



    • Topher says you get tax discounts for accepting foreign funds.
    • Save for taxes (25-30%). Make estimated payments. Kurt uses Paychex.
    • Get an accountant. Have them do taxes, advise on deductions, etc.
    • Send 1099-MISCs to anyone to whom you pay over $600.


    Recommended Lawyers: Haans Mulder, Todd Stuart, Mike Lichterman, Andrew Longcore.

    Prospecting & Estimating

    • Use a Discovery Phase to get to know each other and decide if you want to work together. Give a deliverable (report/plan). Charge a few hundred if you can.
    • Red flags: prospects who want you to reduce your rates because they tell you their site will be a good portfolio piece, or who offer equity in their company, or who promise future work.

    Project Management

    WordPress Maintenance

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