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  • Latest Blog Post

    WordPress E-Commerce: April 2014 meetup

    We talked about WordPress E-Commerce at our April 2014 meetup: digital products, physical products, membership subscriptions, and events. We started with general considerations, then talked about specific plugins and platforms.

    If I missed anything, please leave a comment, and I’ll add to the post.

    WordPress Grand Rapids e-commerce

    WordPress Grand Rapids e-commerce

    General e-commerce considerations

    Brian Richards

    Payment gateways

    • Most common: Stripe, PayPal,
    • Stripe
      • Brian’s favorite
      • Great for devs
      • Has an iframe option, but people are less likely to trust it because the browser doesn’t show a padlock
      • Easy to test
      • Faster transfers to your bank account than PayPal
    • PayPal
      • Brian’s not a fan
      • Poor documentation
      • Some have experienced delays or holds on funds


    • You must charge for physical goods if selling to MI buyers


    • Most plugins provide flat rate
    • You can use APIs to get shipping rate tables from shippers


    • Major plugins support Google Analytics, and have extensions for other analytics systems


    Brian Richards


    • Example site: WPSessions
    • If selling only 1 item, set cart page to the checkout page, so when buyer adds item to cart, they go straight to checkout. Note: this prevents the from editing their cart.
    • Product Data
      • Simple: standard product
      • Variable: variations like size, color. Can attach different thumbnails to different variations
    • Virtual: not physical
    • Downloadable: not physical, but also downloadable
    • A product can be downloadable but not virtual. Example: combo ebook and physical book.
    • Linked Products
      • Up-sells: additional products shown on product page
      • Cross-sells: additional products shown in checkout
      • Grouping: create bundle

    iThemes Exchange

    Easy Digital Downloads

    • Very easy
    • Many add-ons
    • Only digital products, and great at it
    • User History extension: displays buyer’s path and analytics

    More plugins

    Chad Warner


    Easy Digital Downloads


    • Example site: School Communicators Network (in development)
    • How to restrict page. Show redirection.
    • s2Member
      • Quick-Start Guide
      • General Options
      • Restriction Options
      • API / List Servers

    Event Espresso

    Gravity Forms and PayPal Add-on

    Steve Colthorp

    • Example site: Flowerland
    • Gravity Forms can be more flexible than e-commerce plugins, because it lets you create all the fields you want.
    • Dynamic Population lets you pass values to Gravity Forms using query strings or other methods.

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  1. I was asked what code I used to make wp-login.php forbidden. Put this into your .htaccess file:

    <Files wp-login.php>
    deny from all

    and then when you go there it should be 403.

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