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Building a Portfolio in WordPress Grand Rapids

Building a Portfolio in WordPress: June 2015 meetup

We talked about Building a Portfolio in WordPress at our June 18, 2015 meetup. Below are the notes.

Building a Portfolio in WordPress Grand Rapids

What are clients looking for in your portfolio?

Presented by Andrea Napierkows­ki

  • Clients want to see themselves in your portfolio
  • Less is more: don’t overwhelm people
  • Make it easy to find the info they’re looking for (your portfolio, your phone number, etc.)
  • Be uniquely you
  • Use colors carefully; for example, blue and greens are generally more calming than reds, oranges, and yellows, which can be alarming
  • Be funny, and joke as appropriate to your clients

Using the CMB2 plugin for custom fields

Presented by Topher DeRosia

Using CPTs and Advanced Custom Fields

Presented by Chad Warner

Booking Reservations Appointments WordPress Grand Rapids

Booking Reservations and Appointments in WordPress: April 2015 meetup

We talked about Booking Reservations and Appointments at our April 16, 2015 meetup. Below are the notes.

Booking Reservations Appointments WordPress Grand Rapids

BirchPress Scheduler and PTA Volunteer Sign Up Sheets

Presented by Matthew Patulski

Other reservation, appointment, and event plugins

Presented by Chad Warner

Even more options

These plugins and services were recommended by the group.

Topher DeRosia recommended the post Best Hotel and Room Reservation Plugins for WordPress (WP Mayor).

WordPress Network (Multisite): March 2015 meetup

We talked about WordPress Network (Multisite) at our March 19, 2015 meetup. Chad Warner introduced WordPress Network (Multisite). Then, Mika Epstein from DreamHost joined us via Google Hangout to talk about the dos and don’ts and answer our questions. Below are the notes.

Intro to WordPress Network (Multisite)

Presented by Chad Warner

Dos and Don’ts of WordPress Network (Multisite)

Presented by Mika Epstein

  • WP-CLI: a set of command-line tools for managing WordPress installations. You can update plugins, set up multisite installs and much more, without using a web browser.
  • Search Replace DB: A PHP search replace tool for quickly modifying a string throughout a database. Useful for changing the base URL when migrating a WordPress site from development to production.

WordPress Network (Multisite) tips

  • Blue Network Plugins! groups network-activated plugins (note: hasn’t been updated in over 2 years)
  • WP Migrate DB Pro: Copy your database from one WordPress install to another with one click in your dashboard