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I recently had a client tell me they wanted an archive page that listed every single item in the database on one page.  Since it was for a custon content type and not an infinite blog I went with it. It just uses the default archive template

They they said they wanted them sorted by title alphabetically, rather than by date.  This made me sad because I didn’t want to have to hack together a custom archive page just to change the sorting.  Plugin hunting I went.

Post sorting reloaded screenshot
Admin Screenshot

What I ended up with is Post Sorting Reloaded.  It offers a simple interface to sort ANY content type archive page in any way you want.  Click on the screenshot on the right for a nice large version.

The thing I love most is that it doesn’t try to be clever, and help you figure out how to sort.  It’s simply a wrapper for the posts_orderby filter, and then you can enter any logic code you want for the condition and the sort parameters.

It’s simple, updated recently, and worked magnificently.

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